Miscellaneous Weekend

Although I spend as much time with my husband, my family and my two cats as a person possibly can during the week, weekends, especially Saturdays, are always the time when our fun together doubles, or even triples. This weekend was very busy for me, since I spent most of it in the kitchen, baking my sister’s a birthday cake, as well as some other sweets and treats. As I tried to combine that with my mission to bake as many culturally diverse desserts as I can, one of them was also the Nanaimo bars.

As for the cake, I wanted to make something really special, so I decided for an open book cake, which took me almost two days (or at least two afternoons) to finish. I have to say that was I bit more than I was prepared for. But it turned out absolutely beautiful, and a bit less tasty (in my opinion, at least). The thing was that I was afraid it would start falling apart if I made it a bit juicier, so it turned out too dry for my taste. My family liked it, though. It was half vanilla, half chocolate.

Anyway, this is it. In the final version, there was also some writing on the right page, but I took this photo before I added that.


RosesAnd these are more than twenty marzipan roses that I spent more than two hours making.

Hope you had a great weekend too.


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